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Practice Areas

Advocacy, Government Relations & Strategic Partnerships



At RSG, we recognize that the influence of advocacy goes beyond grassroots and grasstop organizing on specific issues. It must also include the use of internal employee advocacy - this provides employers with additional avenues to promote their brand, build consensus and advance issue-driven calls to action.  We help you turn your passion into power by creating platforms and networks to push your program or initiative across the finish line through surveys, virtual education outreach, and digital campaigns.  

Government Relations

RSG can create strategic partnerships with federal, state or governments by making use of our longstanding relationships. We are intimately acquainted with key Administration leaders, Congressional members and key staff, local electeds, civil rights, and union officials. Due to our extensive experience in the White House and federal agencies, our firm enjoys an insider's understanding of the Executive branch and the inner workings of the White House. We are also well-versed in the nuances of state and local government. Our unprecedented levels of access to decision-makers enables us to assist you with:  federal relations, congressional advocacy, and coalition building. We can get you in front of the right people. 

Strategic Partnerships

As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one, and in today's fast-paced environment, a "solo” approach is not the best strategy for growth, innovation, and program support. Companies that initially grew organically need to look for new ways to drive collaborative innovation that delivers on what their customers need today – and in the future.  At RSG we help organizations connect the relationship dots to build strategic partnerships that are not transactional but provide ongoing support for capacity building and long-term engagement that ultimately benefits the businesses, employees and customers.

Partnering should be wielded as a sword, not a shield. It best suits companies with aspirations that exceed their resources.

Curtis E. Sahakian

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